12 Super Useful Space Saving Furniture Designs

1. The Best Furniture for Small Spaces

Mentioned below are 12 space-saving furniture designs will help you make the most of your home’s limited square footage

Shown above is TravelBox. It has all small space essentials, plus a bike, into one portable package.

2. TravelBox Packs All The Space Saving Furniture Essentials

The TravelBox is a furniture set for small apartments comprised of a twin bed, shelving system, table, desk and bike. All of the items are kept inside of a portable trunk. The weight of entire collection is mere 132 pounds.

All the furniture in the set is of wood. However the table and shelving system have an aluminum sheath

3. The Hanger Chair by Umbra

The Hanger Chair is the latest invention of Umbra. The hanger chair solves the space issues by allowing to keep a few extra chairs handy for houseguests. You can hung the seats in the closet when not needed.

4. SinkWrap Creates Storage Around Pedestal Sinks

The SinkWrap is great for bathroom storage space. It creates the additional room. This floor cabinet was designed to fit nearly every pedestal bathroom sink currently on the market. Just slip it into place directly under the sink and your work is done.

5. The OneLess Desk is a Space-Saving Ergonomic Beauty

For most of us compact computer desks are hard on the eyes and body. The OneLess Desk by Heckler Design is an amazing piece of design. It's an attractive ergonomic desk comprised of four steel pieces, an upper deck, lower deck, printer table and file holder. One can purchase each set as a package or as individual pieces.

6. The Fusillo Bookshelf Doubles as a Coat Rack

This Fusillo Bookshelf has been designed by And ViceVersa. It can be customized to adapt to your unique storage needs. Each oak shelf has 15 individual slats with notches that can be positioned to hold books, clothing, hats or even a bicycle

7. A Skinny Bar Table and Bench Set

This super skinny bar table and bench set creates a place where you and your friends can sit or stand while sipping tea or cocktails. When you are done partying, just push the bar and bench up against the wall and use as a console

8. A Beautiful Cabinet That is a Secrete Dog Crate

A dog crate can be a problem if you have space issues. In the picture above we have Midcentury styled cabinet by Modernist Cat. It's a dog crate that can be used as a practical side table. The crate is handcrafted from walnut hardwood Euro plywood. The kind of wood that features a gorgeous premium veneer. It is useful for cat owners too as the cabinet can also be used to conceal a litter box.

9. A Piece of Portable Furniture That Folds into a Book

Bookniture is an amazing piece invention. It is a portable small space furniture that can be used as a chair or table. The best part is that it folds into a book for easy storage.

10. The Deep Dish Table and Cushions Set Creates Additional Seating

The modern furniture and d├ęcor retailer CB2 joined hands with the School of the Art Institute Chicago to create a line of space saving furniture. Their favorite project that sprung from this creative union is The Deep Dish Table and Cushions Set. This functions as a coffee table when the cushions are tucked in place and when the cushions are pulled out, they create additional seating.

11. A Clothes Rack That Functions Like a Closet

It is impossible to believe that there are a lot of apartments out there that do not have with closets. However this problem can be solved by clothes rack. In the picture above this rack is designed by Hugo Ribeiro Design. It takes up very little floor space and provides enough room to store a small wardrobe and around eight pairs of shoes

12. A Cardboard Sofa That Rocks

Cardboard furniture is great if you have temporary living situations like dorm rooms or that spare bedroom you rented. They are easy to pack away and store whenever you want need clear some floor space. Another benefit of a cardboard furniture is they are easy to assemble. Hardly three minutes are needed to assemble them. They can hold up to 330 pounds. If you do not like the look cover with cushions. Remember if protect the couch from getting wet, the manufacturer says it will last for around two years.

13. A Sofa That Transforms into a Bed and Dining Table

Transforming furniture like murphy beds that can be changed into desks turn into the most of limited square footage. The 3Moods (shown above) functions as a sofa, bed, chaise lounge with desk, or dining table for up to eight people.